Havening with Rachel

Havening is a Somatic Therapy, meaning it helps your ability to process traumatic emotions that are stored in your body. By combining gentle, specific touches clinically developed to rewire the traumatized areas of the brain, and vivid guided imagery, significant emotional triggers to specific memories and events can be significantly diminished, if not completely removed.

Rachel Skinner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Practitioner at Zen Wellness. She specializes in Thai and Yoga therapies and uses Havening as another technique to help her clients experience vitality. She combines Western Medicine’s research on physical structure and Eastern Medicine’s profound understanding of disease prevention, aging gracefully, and living consciously.

Rachel specializes in helping people who consider themselves highly empathetic and sensitive, people who suffer from stress and chronic pain, and people who want to work content free.

Emotional Healing
Self-sabotage, inner critic, ego, overwhelming negativity taking over your life? Havening Techniques® offer recovery from experiences and emotions that seem to be getting in the way of you living your true potential. You can learn tools to help you start uncovering your authentic Self.

Stress Management
Untreated symptoms from stress can seep into every area of our life. Stress disrupts our personal relationships, causes emotional outbursts, a sense of being out of control, feelings of constant and irrational fear, sleep disruptions, and so much more. You can stop stress from derailing your life.

Chronic Pain
Illness and injury can be confusing and fueled with painful emotions like regret, shame, and embarrassment. If you go without a diagnosis you can wonder if the pain is all in your head. Havening Techniques® can give you the validation, hope, and clarity you need.

Self-Help Tool
You’ll learn Havening Techniques® that you can apply to yourself at anytime. It can become a daily dose of confidence empowering you to participate and create your own healing experience.
More information at Havening Techniques.