Holistic Medicine

Dr. Catherine Uram, MD

Dr. Uram provides holistic, highly Personalized Medical Care that combines the best of Natural and Conventional Medicine for complete health of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

As an Integrative Medicine Physician, her treatments always focus on combining the best of Western Medicine and Eastern Healing Philosophies, implementing the most natural interventions first.the most natural interventions first. Treatment may also include Lifestyle Modifications, Nutrition, Movement, Mind-body and Energy Therapies, as well as Herbs, Supplements, and Medications, if necessary. Referrals are provided as needed to medical specialists, mental health and holistic practitioners. Follow up appointments are as indicated to optimize complete health and well being.

Comprehensive Visits are 60 minutes and generally include a Complete Assessment and Physical Exam, in which all aspects of health and wellness are addressed. Dr. Uram uses your Personal Health History, and focusses on Nutrition, Lifestyle, Medical, Psychiatric/Emotional, Medications  and Alternative Medicine components, as well as underlying energetics and body compositions. Lab tests and imaging are ordered as necessary, which are performed at a nearby facility.

Wellness Visits are  30 mins and are for returning Patients who want to focus on Energy Healing, Herbs, and Movement Therapy.

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Dr. Catherine Uram, MD is a member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, a fellow of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, trained at Drexel University College of Medicine for Residency in Emergency Medicine with an emphasis on Intensive Care. She completed their Program for Integrated Learning for Medical School, has a background in Research Immunology, identifying enzymes that are now targets for oncologic chemotherapies. She has received multiple educational and research grants.

Dr. Uram, MD has practiced and taught in public, private, and top-tier academic centers in the US and abroad. She is trained in various healing traditions from around the globe, which she incorporates into her practice. Dr. Uram has an inherent love of Medicine, as she comes from a long line of Physicians and Surgeons, is an avid student of The Heart Center, and has been a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner for over 10 years… which permeates throughout all of her work. She takes pride in her work and care of her Patients and welcomes you to her Medical Practice at Zen Wellness.

Here’s to you and your well-being!

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(Insurance: Dr. Uram does not contract with insurance companies. She spends one full hour with you, providing you the comprehensive care that you deserve. Dr. Uram also does not provide super bills for reimbursement, as her specialized services are generally not covered by insurance companies. Sessions range between $119-$239.)