Nutritional Medicine

Dr. Dawn Runge, DC, also has a Master’s of Human Nutrition and is highly motivated to help educate and guide you through healing and maintaining wellness through your food.

You are what you eat, drink, breathe, digest and absorb. So many factors of your environment make huge impacts on your quality of life. With the seemingly endless and frequently changing opinions on Nutrition, it can be overwhelming and discouraging to discover a system of eating and nutrient intake that works especially for you.

No two people are alike. What may help alleviate and manage pain and inflammation in one person, may not work precisely for you. Let Dr. Dawn take the time with you that you deserve to make the most of your meals, vitamins, and herbs. Within 2-5 sessions, you will have a detail personal plan to help you reach your wellness goals, whether it is weight loss, pain management, sugar metabolism, increased energy, fertility, longevity or more.

Contact Dr. Dawn at before booking your appointment. A food diary needs to be filled out for a full week prior to your first visit.

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