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Classes at Zen Wellness Center

Zen Wellness Center has partnered with Strong Family Bond, founded by award winning, inspirational and educational author, Erika Ruiz, and has also partnered with Align Your Vibe, founded by Doctor of Chiropractic and Somatic Trauma Therapist, Dr. Dayanara Thompson “Dr. Day” to bring a variety of Self-Care & Wellness Classes, Workshops, and Events to the Los Angeles Community and the world beyond.

Working hard to achieve our mission: Introducing our non-profit organization, Zen Grow: Wellness Education & Services for Children, the Underserved, our Military, and our Animal Companions. Now Serving Los Angeles in our SECOND, secluded location in Mount Washington, just 3 miles across the river from Silverlake.

Nestled in the magical Los Angeles County Wilderness Preservation, Elyria Canyon, on a 6,000 sq ft lot full of lush native gardens, hammocks, reading nooks, fire pits, a yoga deck, meditation stations, treatment areas and most exciting of all… a jacuzzi!

Zen Wellness Studios will be hosting a variety of in person and Virtual Wellness Classes, Workshops, and Events, like our end of the month, Somatic Soundbath & Bonfire, combining the essential healing powers of sound & vibration with other essential healing element, touch, including head massage, Passive Yoga Stretches, Energy Medicine, Somatic Therapy, Individual Sound Healing and more.

Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Bobbi Jones, founder of Zen Wellness Center, and Dr. Day Thompson, founder of Align Your Vibe, combine their over 40 years of experience helping and healing others through Yoga, Massage Therapy, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Physical Therapy, Art Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, and much, much more. Schedule growing rapidly, so stay tuned!

All weekly Classes are on sliding scale or are pay-what-you-can (suggested donations: in person $25 and virtual $15). You MUST register for classes every time or in bulk at once. In-person classes are limited to 10 people for individualized attention and care.

We believe there are infinite ways to heal

Come, elevate your wellness

WEEKLY CLASSES: Classes starting in June

Tuesdays: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
~ Kimberly Hamilton, Yoga Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist/sub Dr. Bobbi Jones, Doctor of Chiropractic, Somatic Therapist

Terrific Tuesdays: In-person & virtual hosted in Elyria Canyon, Mount Washington

Feeling tired? Uninspired? Already wishing and planning for your weekend? Your next vacation? Dreading the long work week that still looms ahead?

Join us for a lunchtime secret garden escape, right here in Mount Washington, 3 miles across the river from Silverlake. Enjoy an hour of gentle movement, Yoga inspired stretches, Self-Massage & Somatic Therapy, featuring the life-saving, self-soothing Havening Touch, meditation & mindfulness techniques, and tips & tricks to help change your perspective… watch hummingbirds & dragonflies, listen to owls & hawks, be mesmerized by flocks of ravens floating in the circular canyon updrafts… rise with them for a well deserved break

Thursdays: 9:00am - 10:00am ~ Erika Ruiz - Head/Jaw/Neck/Hand Services, Somatic Therapist

Thoughtful Thursdays: Virtual only

Has your week been a pain in the neck? Is your head ready to pop? Got Migraines? Been clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Log on, sit or lay down, & tune in for a gracious guided meditation, gentle upper body movements, facial and jaw self-massage techniques, Yoga stretches for your neck, shoulders, & wrists, and intention setting for the week’s end and the weekend... Enjoy this journey called life. Let’s learn how and practice now.

Fridays: 12:00pm - 1:00pm ~ Dr. Day Thompson, Doctor of Chiropractic, Somatic Therapist

Re-Fuel Fridays: In-person & virtual hosted in our Wellness Gardens

Pumped for the weekend but feeling tired? Is your energy drained from working so hard? Want to feel refreshed and energized for your special weekend? At Zen Wellness Centers & Studios we believe every weekend, every chance to take any break, is sacred... Come gather energetically over your lunch breaks and learn to let go of your past week to make room for the fun & relaxation ahead!


FIRST SATURDAY of every month: 10:00am - 12:00pm ~ Dr. Bobbi Jones (and Dr. Day Thompson) invite you to explore

Yoga in the Wild: 30 spots in person, rotating natural locations (and unlimited virtual)

You are luckier than you know. Los Angeles is the only metropolitan area in the world to have a major mountain range running directly down the middle of the city! This means that Los Angeles has unique pockets of habitats and ecosystems found only here, in your own backyard or under the parking spot you found for the night. Wild animals are everywhere and wild places to escape to and do Yoga in are abundant & nearby within the county.

Join us once a month to visit a different, rotating place in nature for a special kind of Yoga workshop. Enjoy a gentle walk, complemented by a nature talk, ending with a cozy place to nestle in, relax your body, quiet your mind, and drink in deep Yogic breaths and supported stretches. Your Doctors will provide you with supportive touch for alignment and balance.

One month rest on large boulders at Vazquez Rocks, another month inside a wildlife sanctuary, another month sink into the warm ocean sand. Explore & enjoy this magical city of yours. We love LA!

Details: 30 Yoga Mat spaces to lay back, unlimited virtual spaces for all. Sliding scale, pay what you can. Suggestion donation $25-$65. Receiving touch is optional. This is a safe place for all. (Dress in layers and bring your own padding/blanket/pillow/beanie/journal/pencil (no ink). Temperatures can be much cooler in the canyons and there is usually a breeze.)

FIRST SATURDAY of every month: 10:00am - 2:00pm ~ (June) Kimberly Hamilton, Yoga Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist/(sub & April & May) Dr. Bobbi Jones, Doctor of Chiropractic, Somatic Therapist

Self-Care Saturdays for Dancers hosted in Frogtown, Silverlake at Mash Up Contemporary Dance Studio

Are you human or are you dancer? Why choose! Come and be both, do both, explore both. Enjoy an hour of mindful & creative movement class with various professional dancers around the world, followed by a 30 min meditation on stillness & mini Somatic Soundbath with professional bodyworkers and Doctors from Zen Wellness Center & Studios. After your body and soul have reunited in bliss, hang around for light brunch snacks and socializing. Let’s heal together through movement, mindfulness, and magical dance.

Somatic Yoga Massage, 30 min ($40) & 60 min ($80), sessions available on site 11:00am - 2:00pm by reservation only, email for reservation: drjones@zenwellnessLA.com

FIRST SUNDAY of every month: April Through September 5:00pm - 7:00pm; October Through March 4:00pm - 6:00pm ~ Dr. Bobbi Jones & Dr. Day Thompson

Somatic Soundbath & Bonfire Ceremony

Somatic means “of the body” and it pertains to how we specifically experience emotion in our bodies. Ever feel like some of your emotional feelings are trapped inside of your physical aches & pains? Have you have a physical trauma that you still suffer from visible, and invisible, perhaps even emotional, scars? Do you experience “big feelings” or have you been described as “sensitive”, “intuitive”, “old soul”, “psychic” or other meaningful words? Did you know it is now scientific fact that you have the seemingly magical power to heal yourself?... and we can help teach you how.

Our two female Doctors have teamed up to feature their one-of-a-kind Soundbath with a twist of healing touch and ceremonial bonfire. Enjoy a Head Massage, perhaps a deep shoulder rub, or passive Yoga inspired stretches that elongate and depressurize your entire skeleton, all whilst resting deeply & snuggly in nature, listening to the powerful and essential vibrational healing of crystal & metal Sound Bowls, West African Djembes & various other ceremonial drums, Tibetan Tingsha Chimes, Yogic & Indian Bells, First Nation & other medicinal rattles, rainsticks, voices, and more healing instruments of love, surrounded by the sounds of your unique Los Angeles wildlife near sunset.

End your monthly healing journey from After our Somatic Soundbath, we will end with a small, mindful walk to our Ceremonial Bonfire, built for releasing and letting go of anything heavy or harmful from your current month to make room for the intentions and passions of the next month ahead. Write it down and toss it in the flames. Watch what you are releasing and letting go of burn and transform from one energy to another, as is the power of fire. Remember the moment as a symbol of the transformation & perspective shift that can happen in your mind when you open your heart.

Details: 20 comfy seats, 20 Yoga Mat spaces to lay back, unlimited virtual spaces for all. Sliding scale, pay what you can. Suggestion donation $25-$65. Receiving touch is optional. This is a safe place for all. (Dress in layers and bring your own mat/padding/blanket/pillow/beanie/journal/pencil (no ink in fire). Temperatures can be much cooler (10+ degrees) in the canyons and there is usually a breeze.)

FIRST SUNDAY of every month: 11:00am - 2:00pm ~ Dr. Bobbi Jones, DC, Dr.Chris Biggerstaff, DVM, MTs TBD

Doggie Day Spa

You know who could use a really great Massage?... your dog!

That’s right. And perhaps a Chiropractic Alignment as well… just like you!

Dogs and humans and all mammals have these special cells in their brains called “mirror neurons” which are specialized nerve cells that notice what someone else is doing nearby and, if its non threatening, they prompt the witness too behave in the same way. For example, imagine I take a nice, deep, nourishing yawn… now you want one too, and might even start to actually yawn as well, mirroring my behavior as a way of socially bonding.

So does your dog companion, and cat companion too. They mirror our behavior and we mirror theirs. Its a way of bonding that keeps us both safe without having to use words or verbal language and sounds. This is one reason why we love them so very much and always want the best for them.

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